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What is the difference between screen printing and heat transfer?  Screen printing is a process that involves the use of a stencil that allows ink to flow through a screen material so that only selected areas of the printed material receive the ink's color.  Multiple stencils may be used with multiple color inks to produce a finished product.  The heat transfer technique uses a complete reverse-image "transfer" that includes all the color and design elements of required for the finished product.  The transfer is applied to an item using a heat press.  

What is digitizing?  In the promotional products business, digitizing is the process of taking a graphic design and creating machine instructions that can be used to produce the design on embroidered items.

I have a logo and I have my own shirts, will you embroider my shirts or do I need to buy from you? Yes, Custom Stitch Works would be happy to assist you with this.  However, you may be charged a digitizing fee.

How long do orders take?  Once you have selected the garment or promotional product and we have your design Custom Stitch Works' staff will develop a production schedule that, in most cases, will meet your needs.  In cases where that will not be possible, the staff will work with its suppliers to give the quickest possible service.

How do I know how much my order will cost?  As part of order acceptance process the Custom Stitch Works staff will develop a full cost for your order.  This must be approved by the customer before the order is accepted and work in commenced.

What if my order gets messed up and I can't use it?  Custom Stitch Works' staff prides itself on delivering quality products that meet its customers' needs.  The staff will work with you during the order acceptance process to ensure that errors do not occur.  If, on the rare occasion, we make an error we will do everything possible to make it right in the eyes of our customer.  However, if the product was produced in accordance with the customer's instructions we cannot grant credit for the product.  We will be happy to assist a customer in correcting the problem by expediting the production of a replacement item or items.   

Can I return items?  Promotional items are, by their nature, decorated to the customer's requirements.  As such, it is rare that we are able to accept returns of items that have been fully produced.  However, we sometimes can change ordered items that have not yet been embroidered.

What kind of payments do you accept?  Custom Stitch Works offers 30-day terms to businesses with a prior relationship and accepts checks and major credit cards.  Payment terms for new or casual customers are arranged at the time of the order acceptance process.

I don't see an item I would like my logo on, can you still help?  Custom Stitch Works has and extensive list of suppliers with a wide variety of products.  If you don't see what you want, give us a call!  We can generally find what you have in mind.


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